Work hard or smart?

No matter how hard you work.

No matter how committed you are.

No matter how passionate you are,

It’s important not to let it all pass by and have your head down and be focused on the day to day.

Enjoy what’s happening around you.

Enjoy the process.

Enjoy the opportunities that you have.

Remind yourself of what inspired you to create your business and what is your longer term challenge and goal.

Do you have a strategy for how you’re going to get there?

Do you know the stepping stones required to meet that long term goal and have a plan of how you’ll get there?

Or do you think just having a good work ethic, knowing how to work hard and not being afraid to put in the hours and hard graft will eventually get you there?

Remember nothing in business just falls into your lap.

You have to work hard, yes, but also working smarter on those things that ‘make your boat go faster’.

Just remind yourself that go get over the stepping stones you only need to take one step at a time, because if you jump to take two there is a chance that you’ll fall over.

Dream big but do not reinvent, after all there is little invention left and the world now primarily revolves around innovation. So look to see who are the best in the world, look at them, see what they were doing and try to analyse what drives their performance. Learn from those that are successful, listen to those who’ve experienced the same before and try not to replicate their mistakes.

Absorb as much information as possible, make your decisions and commit to implementation. Do not just have plan but have a plan with a focus on the process rather than the outcome.

If you implement your process then you may make that end goal, if your plan is sound….