Stop thinking, start doing

We love to meet people who come to me with ideas, but in the same vein, We also hate people who only come to us with just the idea.

Does that make any sense?

There are those people who are full of ideas, the really creative, imaginative folks who are always abundant with new ideas and how they can get business to do things better.

In our experience these are the enterprising thinkers who are often the entrepreneur themselves running the business. As a result everybody around them takes their thoughts seriously because it was their idea that got the business going in the first place.

Ideas are just ideas if they’re not executed properly.

This is why most entrepreneurs fail.

This is why we have such a shockingly high failure rate for businesses in the UK.

When we choose to work with startups we tend to find the energetic entrepreneurial startup founder bouncing around like Tigger, coming up with new ideas and new schemes, looking for new ways to build their fresh company. They come up with the ideas, but what they fail to do is to come with a roadmap or plan of how to execute these ideas.

After all, the execution of these plans takes up an awful lot of time and resources and that stifles most entrepreneurs because they like to create new things.

Just remember when you find your number two, whilst it might feel like they’re dragging onto your coattails or stopping you from moving forward, they’re just slowing you down to make sure that last week’s fantastic idea is properly assessed to see if it’s got grounds for moving forwards.

They want to know that a tactical roadmap can be delivered so that the rest of the team can implement each stage in order to make that idea a reality.

They want to slow down the pace and have you running around, but hopefully not like a headless chicken.

We’re not saying that you should put a stop to the stream of ideas that fly out of your head, but what we are saying is that you need to devise plans for their execution as well.

By doing that you’ll be better equipped to realise the ambitions of yours.

That’s only ever going to be a good thing.