Money and cashflow


It’s what every entrepreneur wants – cashflow.

Every entrepreneur we work with want to be able to grow their business and to extract enough profit from it to do what they want to do – whether that’s buying a new house, a new car, booking a holiday or simply enjoying a regular meal out with the family. All of those things cost us money.

But money or rather cashflow is one of the toughest challenges  an entrepreneur in business – in fact it was the second biggest challenge after managing staff according to our recent survey.

The average entrepreneur worries whether they have enough cashflow and profitability for the business to both service and to strive. A business could be making amazing sales, but unless it is collecting it’s cash on time, every time, then cash can get tight.

You may not be making enough sales because you’re not getting enough leads, but all of this is a part of growing a successful business, knowing how and when to deploy what resources. We have the tools and we deploy these for our clients so they know exactly how much is owed to them and how much they have to pay.

That’s the key to cashflow, knowing how much you have and when you get more, because then and only then should you make decisions about when to spend more.

How to multiple your cash and your profits is simple and we break this down into a 5 step formula, the first part of which is to learn what your current numbers are so that you can design strategies and plans that will help improve that and get you to were you want to be.

When we know exactly how you perform and what drives that performance then it is a simple step to start to pull harder on the growth levers to get your business expanding further and faster than before.

It all comes down to knowing how much you can afford to pay to acquire just one more customer, profitably.

Then increasing your marketing spend to its maximum, subject to your cashflow.

This may seem illogical for an accountant to recommend, but we’re not just accountants, we’re advisors who know where to spend your money in order to drive your profits. That’s just one of the things that differentiates us from our competitors, we like to spend money to grow our businesses.

It is very simple, if your marketing is making you more money that it costing you to do it, then your marketing becomes limitless. And that’s what each and every entrepreneur should be looking to do.

You should become the marketeer and work to build a business that works without you so that you have more time to do the things that you want to do.

But to do that and walk away from your business it has to be profitable when you employ somebody else to look after it for you.

And that is were we come in, we help you to build a business that can pay good salaries to the right people who can run your business without you being there.

We focus on growing your business so that it makes more money. We work with you to invest this money back in the business, in increased marketing and staff, so the business gets more customers and can service them all.

This allows you time off from your business

Unlock your profits and cash