Goal! How to make your business grow by setting and striving for a goal.

I’ve been busy.

Doing stuff.

Lots of stuff.

But the stuff that kept me busy wasn’t important stuff.

It was just stuff.

The thing is, I’d stopped looking at my goal and when I wasn’t looking at it, I wasn’t focussing on it.

And without the focus, I wasn’t striving for it.

And without striving for it, it will never happen.

I’d stopped what I should be doing and I’d hope I’d still get my goal.

But this would never happen.

Because I’d lost the one thing that could make it happen.

The single biggest challenge in meeting any goal, whether it be hitting a turnover or profit target, paying off all your debt, writing a book, running a marathon, or simply just becoming happier, is finding the motivation to stick with it.

It just takes patience, and motivation.

Motivation is the key, but it’s not always easy, day in and day out, to find that motivation.

So here’s a freeby from me.

My 5 steps for nailing your goal.

  1. Start small. You’re never going to get the dream house, retire, own a sports car, put the kids in private school or enjoy four holidays a year in one go. Break it down into smaller achievable steps.
  2. Have one goal at a time. You won’t be able to achieve success in everything you do simultaneously.
  3. Examine your motivation. You need to want it.
  4. Commit publicly. Tell everyone you know.
  5. Print it out, post it up.

I’ve printed my goal for 2016 and we’re only half way through 2015. It’s big, it’ll take a lot of my time and effort to attain it, but it’s there and stated.

It’s simple, but a stretch – Caterham Academy race driver 2016. The first challenge, building the car to race around several iconic race circuits.

What’s your goal?

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