What is your Elevator Pitch?

Elevator Pitch

How do you create an elevator pitch?

What is an elevator pitch for?

These are just some of the questions that we come across at networking events and hopefully this blog will shine some light on what it all means.

In essence, your ‘elevator pitch’ – A 60-second opportunity to impress.

But is this enough time to create a desire to continue the conversation some more?

Can you capture the interest of a potential new connection, spark a few thoughts and plant a few seeds?

The elevator pitch is the start of the journey to deepen the engagement and hopefully encouraging whomever you are addressing to take some sort of action.

It is not about what your business does, after all we are just a firm of Chartered Accountants.


Instead think about it as the reason why you do want you do for those people you do it for.

Try and jot down the following

  • A short overview of customer outcomes and benefits.
  • An explanation as to why you’re better than your competitors.
  • A reference to your own background and credentials.
  • Maybe some reference clients or case studies.<
  • And of course, a quick mention of your mission, passion and how genuine you are about what you do…

And, that’s all within the moment of a brief handshake or introduction.

How can you do it in 60 seconds or less?

It’s impossible to cram all that information into any kind of civilised two-way conversation.

Inference is the alternative

Rather than awkwardly rattling off a list of points, plant key facts that will project a story about the business. Give just enough information to allow the person you’re talking with, to infer the rest without the need for a lengthy explanation.

Your goal is merely to pique interest.

Leave them wanting to know more about what you do
You want your prospect to choose to take things further.

Our Elevator Pitch is simple:

We believe that everyone has an inner entrepreneur inside them and everyone has the opportunity, talent and ability to build a successful business.

We provide the roadmap required for an entrepreneur to realise their ideas.

We help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by providing them with insightful information about how they can financially achieve what they want.

We believe in working with entrepreneurs along every step of their journey to help them manage their cashflow, improve their profitability and ultimately realise their goals faster than even they thought were possible.

And of course, we do all of this in the most optimally tax efficient way, as standard.

How do you introduce yourself?

What’s your ‘elevator pitch’? Let us know in the comments below.