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Motivation is the key to business success

Do you ever wake up before your alarm? Not just waking up and rolling over before dozing back off and …

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Building a sustainable high-performance team

Following on from our article on building an A-Team we now move onto how to build a high-performance team. Building …

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Sales conversations should be service conversations

Many people in business are absolutely petrified of sales conversations. It’s the Britishness in us, we’re programmed to be polite, …

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What does a great team look like in business?

When you are trying to break out from being an ugly duckling to become a graceful swan one of the …

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Asset sweating

Asset sweating is the secret to profit, that is a simple fact. But many business owners don’t understand what asset sweating …

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Hitting the wall

Have you hit ‘the Wall’? How to achieve or rekindle growth is a hot topic amongst many entrepreneurs, consultants and …

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Entrepreneurial Poverty

We benchmark our clients profits every year. In fact we build our database everytime we submit a VAT return, but …

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Pricing for profit

Do you price for profit? If you study pricing structure through both theory and practice you will know that prices …

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Sweat equity funding

Entrepreneurs seeking investment tend to see it as cash. Others see it as a part buy-out for themselves, whereas nearly …

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Key Predictive Indicators For Predicting Profits

Following on from the post about there being ‘profit in your future’ we thought that we should highlight how to …

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Profit in the future

To progress in your business you must be able to measure how you are moving forward, but how do you …

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What is your Elevator Pitch?

Elevator Pitch How do you create an elevator pitch? What is an elevator pitch for? These are just some of …

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