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How much should you pay an employee?

How much to pay a marketing manager, a plumber, a sales manager and a goldsmith. The same question came from …

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Team performance

Most companies firefight when it comes to recruitment, either because someone has left or the influx in sales had led …

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Business is a numbers game, but do you know what business numbers to meausure?

Business success is measured by business numbers, that’s all, pure and simple. Even the biggest companies in the world follow …

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Performance indicators

Indicators, they aren’t just used to tell other road users which direction you intend to take. In business, you should …

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The cost of new staff – when to hire the next person

To build a business will eventually mean that you need to hire your first member of staff. To continue to …

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Selling up – when do you sell your business?

When do you sell up? That is the simple question to answer. You sell your business when someone comes along …

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Business Valuation – How much is my business worth?

Well, that depends….. Business valuation is a dark art, if you listen to any Corporate Finance professionals that is. But …

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Tax News June 2017

The latest tax news for entrepreneurs Our monthly tax news bulletin cuts straight to the main tax news the effects …

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Raising finance

When you’ve got a great business idea, or frankly a business idea and lack of funding to execute it the …

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Don’t ignore the warning signs

When you’re driving at 100+mph and concentrating on the road ahead it is tough to see the warning signs, let …

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Rapid Growth – the challenges for entrepreneurs

There are many challenges we face as entrepreneurs but the hardest of them all are the challenges of dealing with …

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Habits, well the one to make you super successful.

Steven Covey has sold more than 20 million copies of his book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, so …

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