Find out who we help and what types of businesses we work with.

We are very particular about who we help as we believe that we can not help every time of business. Hence who we help depends on what you do.

If you are from any of the following business sectors then we know how to help you as we have knowledge and expertise of helping these types of businesses to grow and expand.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner from the following sectors and want to achieve more than you thought was possible then we would love to hear from you.



If your business profitability is based on the amount of work undertaken by engineers it is critical to ensure that time is correctly monitored but more crucially that it does not drive poor performance. This is what we do best, we know where profit arises and how to maximise the profit per hour worked.

If you are a retail automotive business then you will know that your income comes in cycles, either annually through servicing or every third year when a car is exchanged. We know how to help predict these cycles so that you can communicate with your customers to they come back to you time and time again .

To find out how we help clients in the automotive sector then contact us.

Leisure and Hospitality

If you’re a bar, cafe, restaurant or pub owner, from start-ups to substantial private business then we’d love to hear from you.

You will probably know that just one extra scallop on a plate will cost you money. But do you know how many plates of scallops you serve each day and how much each plate costs you?

This is what we do best, we provide the financial insights so that you can know how many scallops to put on a plate, how much to charge and how many plates of scallops you should sell in order to hit your profit targets.

We sweat the small stuff for you so that you can do the things that you do best, build the team and create the ambiance that will keep your customers coming back in droves.



Is your challenge, like most manufacturers who are small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses, how to grow revenue and profits and develop a sustainable niche in an increasingly competitive globalised marketplace?

We have worked with many owner-managed manufacturing businesses like yours, to help them gain clarity about the impact that their business decisions can have on the core profitability and more crucially, their cashflow.

We work together with clients like you to develop a deeper understanding of the issues you face and generate a plan of how to overcome them.

Software and IT

Is your challenge, like most small and medium-sized software and IT businesses, how to grow revenue and profits whilst continually investing in your technology?

Many software and IT businesses like you face the same cashflow challenges. But we know how to help and understand that spending £1 now can bring a in excess of £10 in the future, not only in revenue for your business but also in a capital return when you exit your business

We work together with clients like you to develop a deeper understanding of the issues that your business faces and generate a plan of how to overcome them.


Whether you’re a clicks or bricks or both, retail is increasingly more competitive as more suppliers enter the market place.

To adapt, companies like yours are becoming multi-channel retailers and they understand that they key to thriving is to link their customers experience together and provide them with more than the sum of the parts.

We work with smart businesses business owners like you to help improve your systems to ensure they capture the right data needed to ensure that you can grow whilst minimising risk.

If your business is seasonal, if it faces cyclical cashflow challenges as you invest in stock, or if you’re looking to expand to become a multi site retailer, then we can help.


You love designing and helping your client’s brand to look and feel amazing, after all, this is where the value really lays for any business, in their brand. However convincing business owners of this is a difficult marketing task and no matter how much time and effort you spend, sometimes some business owners just will not understand the value that you help to create.

This is where we come in as we know the intrinsic value in branding and more still we know the challenges that you face. Your biggest challenge is not finding new customers because your previous work is a testament to that. If your biggest challenge is recruiting and retaining the best creative talent and ensuring that they deliver profit to your business then that is where we can help.

We can measure and monitor output of your work and crucially build profit whilst increasing cash. If you’d like to find out more then contact us.