I have to work this out myself and THEN pay taxes?

Self Assessment can be time-consuming, confusing and costly for busy individuals. Deadlines are missed.

We aim to spare you all these headaches by offering a comprehensive Individual Self Assessment tax return service, although we don’t go as far as offering to pay clients’ taxes for them.

Our Self Assessment service includes:

  • Compiling and filing your tax return for you
  • Calculating and explaining your tax liability
  • Advising you when tax payments are due and how much to pay
  • Advising on how long to keep your paperwork
  • Spotting tax-saving opportunities
  • Representing you in the event of your being selected for investigation by HM Revenue & Customs

We can help you benefit from substantial tax savings, but you must submit your return to HMRC before the deadline.
The earlier we see your accounts, the better – take action now.

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A whole year of accounts and tax management free of charge.

If we can't demonstrate how you can increase your turnover or save you as much as our fee , we'll refund 100% of ourl fee.

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