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When should you increase prices?

Pricing is an emotive subject and many clients are scared about increasing their prices. So much so that many refuse to do so and the compound effect of not increasing prices has cost them tens, if not hundreds of thousands on lost profits. Why are business owners scared to increase prices? The reason why most […]

How much should you pay an employee?

How much to pay a marketing manager, a plumber, a sales manager and a goldsmith. The same question came from four clients in four weeks. But the question of how much to pay an accountant is what tipped the scales in favour of this article. Let’s use simple example that came up last month, a […]

Team performance

Most companies firefight when it comes to recruitment, either because someone has left or the influx in sales had led to an increased workload. Either way, without planning and time to recruit, the firefight recruitment process is flawed and will cost your business, lots. Smart entrepreneurs recognise this and instead of continually firefighting they have […]

Performance indicators

Indicators, they aren’t just used to tell other road users which direction you intend to take. In business, you should use indicators to inform you of the good, the bad, or the ugly. When you build the right indicators then you’ll know what is happening and will be able to investigate why quicker. Indicators are […]

The cost of new staff – when to hire the next person

To build a business will eventually mean that you need to hire your first member of staff. To continue to build a business then you’ll need to hire more staff. It is always a catch 22 situation when you want to hire staff as (generally) their cost will come before the income (and profit) increases. […]

Tax News June 2017

The latest tax news for entrepreneurs Our monthly tax news bulletin cuts straight to the main tax news the effects entrepreneurial business owners. Tax-Free Childcare and childcare options Tax-Free Childcare, the new government scheme to help working parents with the cost of childcare launched at the end of April and is being rolled out to […]

Raising finance

When you’ve got a great business idea, or frankly a business idea and lack of funding to execute it the natural thought is to fundraise. Raising finance seems easier now that is was before, especially with the plethora of crowdsourcing solutions available. But is raising finance the right thing to do for your business? This […]